​A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Achieving and Sustaining Next-Level Human Performance

​For the first time ever...

all of the pieces, systems. processes, and desired outcomes have been put together into an easy-to-follow blueprint.

The HP Blueprint™ provides you with Step-by-Step Guidance for achieving and sustaining Next-Level Human Performance within YOUR organization.

And, as Tim says time and again in 6-Hour Safety Culture...

​It's NOT complicated!

Before you invest another dime or any more effort attempting to improve performance, you should download your copy of the HP Blueprint™ and study it. It's the most comprehensive (yet simple) guideline in existence detailing specifically HOW to improve human performance.

The HP Blueprint™ is comprised of three sections:

Level I Overview

​This section begins with pre-implementation (how to position yourself to move forward intelligently and with thoughtful purpose), and then provides a ‘big picture’ overview of the elements necessary to achieve and sustain next-level human performance.

Level II Overview

This diagram develops the important learning necessary to transform your culture and sustain new levels of safety, reliability, and performance.

Level III Overview

This section details the systems and processes (including attributes and intended outcomes) for reinforcing, supporting, and continually improving levels of performance and culture transformation.