Over the past two decades, the US commercial nuclear power generation and commercial airline industries have substantially reduced both the frequency and severity of human error and driven the incidence of significant events to nearly zero.

Simple behavioral tools have played a major role in this success.

Error Elimination Tools Handbook

At PPI, we have taken the exact same tools used by these industries and fashioned them into a fast, simple, and easy-to-use handbook. Known within the Practicing Perfection® approach as Error Elimination Tools™, these tools offer a simple behavioral system, which when properly used by the workers in your organization, virtually eliminates their potential for making mistakes on the job.

The first four tools are the “mother” tools, which give you the lion’s share of benefit. These should be the FIRST tools that you implement and continually reinforce:

  • Questioning Attitude
  • STOP When Unsure
  • Self-Checking (STAR)
  • Effective Communication

The next three tools apply to essentially every job, rounding out the set of (7) “Fundamental Tools”:

  • Task Preview
  • Job Site Review
  • Procedure Use

The (8) remaining tools are “Situational Tools”, which should be used when appropriate for the situation. These include:

  • Pre-Job Brief
  • Placekeeping
  • Turnover
  • Independent Verification
  • Peer Checking
  • Peer Coaching
  • Flagging
  • Post-Job Review

These tools are designed to directly address human fallibility, and are integral to any efforts to reduce human error.  They are a key piece of the human performance ‘puzzle’.

If you’re new to using such Tools, do NOT make the mistake of expecting workers to remember and use all of them! Start with the first four (the “mother” tools) and develop appropriately from there.

The Error Elimination Tools™ handbooks are sized and shaped to make it easy for workers to keep them handy on the job. They are printed on tear-proof / waterproof material for durability on the job. There is a space inside the back cover for each worker to paste a copy of their work team Code of Honor.

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For a “Look Inside” of the Error Elimination Tools™ handbook, use the animated slide show below.

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