In 6-Hour Safety Culture, Tim Autrey shows you how to cast aside cumulative wasteful 'old-school' initiatives that drain resources and frustrate workers without adding any real value.
It's not complicated

You will learn...

Book Buyer Bonus

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Cost of Error Calculator

A simple on-line calculator that will allow you to quickly and accurately identify how much human error is currently costing your organization.

Future of Performance Improvement

A video series offering you to-the-point answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding performance improvement.

Transformation Conversation

A tool for identifying and clarifying the why underlying your efforts to improve performance (a critical aspect of identifying your Core Principles).

Culpability Decision Tree

A state of the art flowchart and User Guide for objectively determining culpability when things don't go as planned.

Front Line Supervisor Challenge

A next-level process for proactively engaging your linchpins to performance success- your front line supervisors

Practicing Perfection® Documentary

The Telly Award Winning Documentary that tells the story of how and why this next-level approach to human performance is so impactful. 

We’re here to serve you- to help you sustainably raise personal and organizational leadership, performance, and results to levels simply not achievable through old-school thinking or methods.

Quite simply- we are here to help you transform culture in a manner that helps make our world a better and safer place.

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