In 6-Hour Safety Culture, Tim Autrey shows you how to cast aside cumulative wasteful 'old-school' initiatives that drain resources and frustrate workers without adding any real value.

It's not complicated

You will learn...

Book Buyer Bonuses

Because we want to do everything possible to help make your world a better and safer place, when you purchase your copy of 6-Hour Safety Culture and email your receipt (, you will be given access to the following culture-transformation resources: 

Cost of Error Calculator

A simple on-line calculator that will allow you to quickly and accurately identify how much human error is currently costing your organization.

Future of Performance Improvement

A video series offering you to-the-point answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding performance improvement.

Transformation Conversation

A tool for identifying and clarifying the why underlying your efforts to improve performance (a critical aspect of identifying your Core Principles).

Human Performance Blueprint

A three-part step-by-step guideline that details precisely what to do to achieve and sustain next-level performance.

Culpability Decision Tree

A state of the art flowchart and User Guide for objectively determining culpability when things don't go as planned.

Front Line Supervisor Challenge

A next-level process for proactively engaging your linchpins to performance success- your front line supervisors

Practicing Perfection® Documentary

The Telly Award Winning Documentary that tells the story of how and why this next-level approach to human performance is so impactful. 


  1. Ritu Budakoti
    Rate the book!

    Excellent – Must Read! I read it and I found that this BOOK is Truly Transformational, especially if you are looking forward to redefine the “Culture Change” process in your organization in a new, more pragmatic and SIMPLE way!! Great engaging stories, anecdotes and lot more. I highly recommend this book to any one who wants to challenge themselves to change the paradigm by doing things differently!! Read it today!!

  2. Bob Catinazzo
    Rate the book!

    Tim has hit a home run with this book. The greatest thing about this book is that it is an easy read and PPI is point on in the mission of changing work force culture one person at a time. 6 hour safety culture is a must read for all with an interest in leadership. Moreover, I strongly encourage law enforcement leaders to take a hard look at this book and the PPI mission as it relates to the culture issue and public perception of and within law enforcement. After reading this book, I believe PPI has the answers.

  3. Cheryl Demarais
    Rate the book!

    A must read and a great tool for anyone looking to achieve and sustain next level human performance whether personally or professionally.

  4. Corrina Donaldson
    Rate the book!

    Finally! An easy to read, informative book about culture transformation and human error reduction – in a time of human performance catastrophe headlines that occur weekly, this book’s timing couldn’t be better. Breaking the psychology of human error and motivation into manageable, enjoyable reading this is a book for everyone from the CEO to the front line workers! The narrative and story examples are engaging, and fun to read. If you are looking for change in your organization, or motivation because you are tired of the impact of human error and the frustration it causes in the workplace, you need this book!

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